Meine aktuellen Lieblingstänze

1. Caribbean Pearl- Scotty

2. No One´s Aware- Jack Savoretti

3. Hillbilly Rock- The Delta Line Dance

4. Chains- Tina Arena 



Showcase 2012

Dance         Title                          Zeitablauf            Choreographer   
Lilt       Backwards       



Rascal Flatts              
Lilt We Really Shouldn´t Be Doing This  ab 15.02.2012 Georg Strait
Smooth  Chain of Fools  bis 12.06.2012 Clint Black
Smooth  I can feel you Drifting  ab 13.06.2012 Kenny Rogers
Waltz  I were a Painting  bis 10.10.2012 Kenny Rogers
Cuban  Bla Bla Bla Cha  bis 13.02.2013 Petty Booka
Funky  Turn Around(5,4,3,2,1)  bis 12.06.2013 Flo-Rida
Novelty  Move it like this  bis 16.10.2013 Baha Man

Competition Tänze Line Classic Advanced 2012

Dance          Title               Zeitablauf    Choreographer    
Lilt      Little Texas Right      bis 07.02.2012                           
Lilt A Body like that ab 09.02.2012 Linus Backstrom  
Smooth Use Somebody bis 20.03.2012 Pim van Grootel
Smooth Get so Rattled ab 21.03.2012 Siobhan Dunn
Waltz I will Love you bis 01.05.2012 Melissa Geveling
Waltz Slow Waltz ab 02.05.2012 Anita Wittenberg
Cuban With the Monkey bis 12.06.2012 Marti Prades
Cuban Sway with me ab 13.06.2012 Melissa Geveling
Funky Get Up bis 24.07.2012 Roy Hadisubroto
Funky Ushered Through ab 25.07.2012 Guyton Mundy
Novelty Tribal Dance bis 14.09.2012 Siobhan Dunn
Novelty Something ab 05.09.2012 Angelique Gerlag

Competition Tänze Line Classic Indermediate 2011

Dance Title   Choreographer
Lilt Buckles and Boots   Roy Verdonk and Wil Bos
Smooth No One   Angelique Gerlag
Smooth Driftin   Line u.Raymond Sarlemijn
Rise&Fall Rilassamento   Anita Wittenberg
Rise&Fall Take it to the Limit   Gillian & Joe Armstrong
Cuban Smoocha   Melissa Geveling
Cuban Finally   M.A.G
Funky Boardmeeting   Sophia von Hees
Funky Don´t Make it   Sophia von Hees
Novelty Proud Mary   Marlon Ronkes
Novelty Americano   Simon Ward and Maddison